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MHI is honored   2018-10-31
A special ‘Thank You’ goes out to Markel and the Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation (IICF) for allowing us to be a part of the nomination process. We are honored!

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MHI Acquisition   2018-09-18
McClelland & Hine, Inc. and McClelland & Hine Trucking Underwriters LLC, have agreed to be acquired by Worldwide Facilities, LLC, in Worldwide’s 4th acquisition of 2018

SAN ANTONIO, TX- September 18, 2018- MCCLELLAND & HINE, INC / MCCLELLAND & HINE TRUCKING UNDERWRITERS LLC (MHI), a managing general agent based in Texas has announced they have entered into terms to be acquired by WORLDWIDE FACILITIES, LLC (“Worldwide”). Terms were not disclosed. Both parties anticipate completing the acquisition within the next thirty days. MHI will be part of the Worldwide Facilities.

Gil Hine, Chairman of MHI, said, “When you first meet the leaders of an organization and your first reaction is “they are like us” and everything from then on reinforces that feeling, you know you are making the right decision. For me, I feel like I did thirty‐six years ago when McClelland & Hine started. Our team is just as pumped as I am to partner with Worldwide Facilities and help contribute to their continuing success.” Amicia Hine, CEO of MHI, added “Our vision for the continued success of the MHI business platform and the contribution we can make to the profitable growth of the combined companies is evident and compelling. The compatibility of MHI and Worldwide Facilities’ leadership culture, dedication to career building and professional growth of our members along with our commitment to our partners, our customers and our industry made this an obvious and exciting next step for our organization.”

Davis Moore, CEO of Worldwide Facilities commented on the acquisition, “We are extremely pleased that Gil Hine, Amicia Hine and their team are joining our company. Gil, Amicia and the MHI leadership have done an excellent job of building a great company. Their proprietary technology and underwriting products are enormously complementary and will be beneficial to our growing platform. MHI’s business provides us with a broader geographical footprint as well as a more diversified product offering. We are very excited to partner with the MHI team and have them participate in our broad‐based equity ownership plan.”

About McClelland & Hine, Inc. / McClelland & Hine Trucking Underwriters LLC: McClelland & Hine, Inc. / McClelland & Hine Trucking Underwriters LLC (MHI) is a Managing General Agent and Excess and Surplus Lines Broker headquartered in San Antonio, TX. MHI began writing business in San Antonio in 1982 and later expanded its operation with the opening of additional branch offices in Houston, Dallas and Atlanta. MHI has professional staff with expertise for all lines of excess and surplus lines business. MHI also places surplus lines insurance for certain classes with a proprietary cutting edge technology platform.

About Worldwide Facilities, LLC: Worldwide Facilities is a national wholesale insurance broker and managing general agent that has been in business since 1970. Its brokers and underwriters are industry leaders providing expertise in a wide range of specialty lines, as well as extensive contracts with carriers domestically and overseas.

Contact: Amicia Hine, CEO/President McClelland & Hine, Inc. 2200 Thousand Oaks #100 San Antonio, TX 78232 Ph) 866-203-3099 *

Updated Homeowners Module   2018-09-04
MHI is excited to offer the following additional coverages to complement your insureds’ Homeowners Policy:

    • Home Systems Protection
    Provides broad breakdown coverage for home infrastructure systems, appliances and electronics

    Home Systems Protection Limit - $100,000 with $1,000 deductible

    • Service Line Coverage
    Provides broad breakdown coverage for exterior underground service lines

    Service Line Limit - $10,000 with $500 deductible

    • Identity Recovery
    $25,000 annual aggregate limit with zero deductible

    (Case management does not reduce the annual aggregate limit)

Please submit a written request for coverage to your personal lines underwriter or contact your marketing representative for questions concerning this exciting new offering!

Acquisition of XL Catlin   2018-09-04
With the acquisition of Catlin Group by XL Group plc now concluded, XL and Catlin have officially joined operations and launched a new brand, XL Catlin. MHI wishes you to know how these changes may impact you in the coming months.

Effective immediately, MHI is required to issue notice of nonrenewal on all Catlin Specialty Insurance Company policies expiring 10/1/2018 and after. Renewal quotes will be offered through Indian Harbor Insurance Company, a carrier which is part of the XL Catlin group of companies. If for any reason the risk does not fit Indian Harbor’s appetite or guidelines, a quote will be offered through one of our other E&S carriers. Your insureds will receive a notice of non-renewal and a letter similar to this one advising them to contact their retail agent or broker with any questions or concerns.

MHI’s commitment to our independent agents remains solid; superior service and assistance with meeting your clients’ needs are our highest priorities. Please contact your commercial underwriter or marketing representative should you have any questions regarding this change.

Large property submissions are no problem!   2017-03-29
We have the markets, but YOU can help us get faster quotes and better rates. Make sure your submission contains complete information including 3-5 years prior carrier information, currently valued loss runs and target pricing.
New Deductible Buyback Program   2016-11-03
MHI has a new Wind and Hail deductible buyback program! Contact your underwriter or marketing representative for more information.
Attention Agents- To help expedite your claims...   2015-12-28
To help expedite your claims, please click HERE to REPORT A CLAIM.
MHI Marketing Videos   2014-02-11
Check out MHIs new marketing video and meet the team. Don't forget to look for the bloopers on Facebook, a guaranteed treat! Watch!
Vacant Building Article   2013-05-28
Frequently Asked Questions:

Vacant Buildings and Commercial Property Insurance Policies- Concerns and Consequences. Click here to learn more!

Tech Tip | You might not need to buy Faster internet.   2013-02-01
Why is everything so slow!? Internet Speed bandwidth vs. latency. You might not need to buy Faster internet. Everyone has been in a situation where it suddenly seems that your internet connection has come to a halt while surfing the web, downloading music, or more frequently watching a video. Having a great movie pause in the middle to buffer is no fun. It is natural to assume that you need FASTER INTERNET, after all that is what all of the marketing leads you to believe. Read more ...
Announcement: New eSign feature on our Artisan Contractor E-Quote module   2012-08-23
Tired of chasing after your artisan contractor insureds for a signed TRIA form?

Check out MHIs new eSign feature on our Artisan Contractor E-Quote module. This exciting new feature allows you to request and obtain -- via e-mail -- an electronic signature on the Terrorism Form (TRIA). The eSign option will pop up when the TRIA form link is clicked. You can customize the message the insured will see or use the standard verbiage that is already provided. You can even copy, paste and send the link from within your own e-mail. Either way, the insured will see only your contact information and once he completes the electronic signature, notification is automatically sent to both you and MHI so youll no longer have to worry about forwarding the signed form when you receive it. eSign is incredibly simple-just a couple of clicks and youre done! Imagineno more time wasted chasing down the signed TRIA form plus no more cancellation notices for failure to obtain the signed form. You still have the option to decline the eSign feature and print a hard copy of the TRIA form, but eSign is so easywhy not give it a try with your next artisan contractor binder request? Contact your MHI underwriter for more information or just click here for step by step instructions.

Reduce your policy processing costs today!   2011-08-05
McClelland and Hine wants to help reduce your overhead! Did you know that as a Web Viewer agent, you can obtain your MHI policies and endorsements online?

Remember mail handling in the good ol days? It consisted of paying someone to drive to the post office, pick up the mail, drive back from the post office, open the mail, stamp it, sort it, scan it, route it, deliver it, etc., etc

What if instead, you:

1) received an e-mail notification that your insureds policy or endorsement is ready;
2) clicked on a link in that e-mail; then a couple of clicks and a few moments later you were viewing those documents on your computer screen with options to download, print, save, or e-mail the pdf file at your convenience and discretion.

MHI can also offer e-mail notification in batches. Policy and endorsement retrieval e-mails are queued throughout the day and then transmitted to your office in bulk at night. This can help reduce e-mail traffic during the busiest times of your work-day. Contact your MHI branch manager or marketing representative for more information or to sign up for this free service.

Bypass the switchboard and connect directly to your favorite MHI underwriter!   2011-08-05
DID YOU KNOW...that you have a direct toll-free connection to your favorite underwriter? Just dial 1-866-203-3099 and enter the underwriter's extension. Don't know the extension number? Click here to access our contact page and select the appropriate branch or specialty division to see a current list of personnel, complete with extension numbers and e-mail addresses.
MHI - Online and At Your Service 24/7   2011-08-05
Access Agency, Policy and Finance Information On-Line 24/7
Check Out MHI's ExtraNet!
No Voice Mail, No Fax, No Delay!
Renewal list option provides a listing of all your in-force business!
Agency Accounting Information on the web   2011-08-05
If your agency has access to the agency accounting section, you have the ability to view and/or print the following information:
  • Agency Statements
  • Policy Invoice - (search capabilities by policy number or effective date)
  • Overdue Policy Report
  • Policy Renewal List

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